EUROMAC ZXR 1250/30 (used)


Updated: 19.11.2018 16:26:52

Year: 2011

Location: 23501 Mound Road, Warren, MI 48091, United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

Specifications: ZXR Specifications Y Axis 1250 Max. pressure Tonnage 33 Y axis with Multitool 50” Y axis with single tool 51” X axis 51” X axis 2250 90” Automatic repositioning up to 32’ Auto Indexing of Punch Ram 0-360 Degrees (Bi-directional) Max strokes per nibbling 1000 Punching 1” pitch 375 Working height 38.5” X=2250 Table Dimensions 157” x 143” Motor 8.5 HP (480 Volt) Punch max Ø 3.5” Multitool 10 - nr. 2 Ø max .936”/ nr. 8 Ø max. .500” Multitool 6 - nr. 6 Ø max. .936” Multitool 4 - nr. 4 Ø max.1.25” Clamp Max Opening .430” Tooling EUROMAC punch presses feature swing-out tool holders that make tool changes fast and simple for MultiTools, thick turret tooling, and Trumpf® style tooling. The Multitool system gives the user the choice between a 4, 6, or 10 station Multitool. The machine will automatically select the programmed tool in the Multitool holder. Multitool EUROMAC 4 station / XMTE4: Material Thickness Up to .500” (copper) Ultra B station punch system / max. tool Ø 1.25” Max. Punch Pressure Up to 25 Tons Possibility to use roof- top or whisper tools Quick change tooling with easy access center key Multitool EUROMAC 6 station / XMTE6: Material Thickness Up to .250” Max Tool Ø .936” Max. Punch Pressure Up to 22 tons Punch grind life Up to .196” Possibility to use roof- top or whisper style tooling Quick change tooling with easy access center key Adjustable stripping force for thin and soft materials or heavy materials. Multitool EUROMAC 10 station / XMTE10: Material Thickness Optimized up to .250” Max. Tool Ø 2 punches Ø up to .936” 8 punches Ø up to .500” Max. Punch Pressure Up to 22 tons Possibility to use roof- top or whisper tools Quick change tooling with easy access center key EUROMAC Autoindex 360° of Flexibility XMTE 4, 6 & 10 Station Multitools as well as single tools all the way up to D-Station with a x. diameter of 3.5” can be positioned in any orientation. • More Flexibility with Autoindex • Any desired angle from 0 to 360 in 0.1 increments • Any type of notch and smooth radii without special tools EUROMAC ZX Autoindex The machine is very productive and flexible with rotation. Any tool can be oriented from 0 to 360 (bi-directional). This allows you to rotate up to 10 tools without any manual tool change. (Patent pending) Standard Equipment • Full (Bi-Directional) Rotation of Ram • CPS System (Controlled Programmable Speed of the Stroke) • Programmable Stroke Adjustment • Automatic Clamp Positioning Programmable via the CNC Control • Easy Sheet Loading System (Pneumatic Cylinders Assist in Lifting the Material into the Clamps) (Only on Y-axis of 1250mm only) • Automatic & Programmable Lubrication Device • Brush Tables • Frontal Overturning Table Extensions L & R • External Cooling System • Die Holders for B, C & D with Reduction From B to A • Punch Reductions D to B, D to C and B to A Equipped With • HP - PC based o¬n Windows XP Professional LCD/SVGA W/ color screen 12.1", unlimited storage c/w network card 10/100 software already installed, Windows XP, network card 10/100 (LAN), a 12.1” super VGA color LCD screen, a large hard disc and 6 USB ports • (1) 6 Station multi tool • (1) 6/10 Station multi tool • (1) 4 Station multi tool • Mate Easy-Tap tapping tool • Trumpf quick set tool setter • Tons of extra tooling, small & large • Brush ball transfer tables • Complete set of manuals