EUROMAC MTX FLEX 12 Auto Index (new)


Updated: 06.05.2016 15:08:26

Year: 2014

Location: Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen

Machine state: new

Product Description

Condition New
Year 2014
Division Metal process. machines
Advert id A1624423
Machine condition ready for use
Category Machine Tools equipment in Germany
Subcategory Sheet metal working
Subcategory 2 Stamping and punching machines
Location Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen
Price Contact Seller
Manufacturer Euromac
Model MTXR-FLEX 12 Auto Index

EUROMAC MTXR FLEX-12-12-fold index specifications Turret (6x D station, including 3 auto index + 6x B-station) max. Number of strokes nibbling, spacing 1 mm: 1000 strokes / min Punching power 30/22 t, recording Thick Turret D station Y-throat 1250 mm (30 t) or 1500 mm (22 t) X-axis stroke of 2500 mm (repositioning 10.000 mm ) Standard table with brushes, including folding tables at the front automatic adjustment of sheet clamps to hand the program to execute automatic lifting of the plate for easy loading into the metal terminals (balls with a pneumatic cylinder) Automatic lubrication for multi-tool and pierced single-station tools movable control console die holder 2x D index (KAP 127), 1x D-resistant (CAP 088), 1x C-resistant (CAP 087), 1x B index (KAP 125), 1x B-resistant (CAP 086) and 1x Reducing B / A Reduzierhalter for Stamp, 1x D / C 2x D / B 1x B / A The FLEX system stands for optimal flexibility and control over the cutting stroke. Speed ​​is nothing without control. Selecting a Stanznibbelmaschine often based on the Nibbelgeschwindigkeit, the fastest machine gets the preference. But technically, the use of a high speed is not always ideal, in some cases it is even discouraged. For the following edits, it is better to slow down the speed of this stroke: Cutting materials with high tensile strength (eg, 316 stainless steel or special Ma [...Technical data truncated] The data are mechanically translated in the english language. Translation errors are possible. No guarantee for printed data and pricing.