EUROMAC Digibend 400 (new)


Updated: 19.05.2016 15:16:13

Location: Warren, MI

Machine state: new

Product Description

Condition New
200 Digibend
400 Digibend
Capacity 40 Tons
Division Metal Fabrication
Fixture points No.2 - Ø 1.97”
No.1 - Ø 3.15 No.3 - Ø 1.97”
No.1 - Ø 3.15 2 No.6 - Ø 3.15”
Technical details Digibend
Category Machine Tools equipment in United States
Subcategory Tube machinery
Subcategory 2 Metal fabrication
Location Warren, MI
Price Contact Seller
Manufacturer Euromac
Model Digibend 400

Digibend Flexibility and Quality for a Wide Range of Applications The Digibend CNC models offer a broad range of capabilities in a horizontal bending machine. Technical deion EUROMAC ’s hydraulic cylinders are permanently integrated into a solid and normalized Meehanite® steel casting (65 N/mm²) for all Digibend models. Each frame has been designed with detailed finite element computations to achieve the best rigidity and dampening. The cylinder and the frame form a working unit and are machined in o­ne setup and operation to assure you the maximum accuracy and reliability (patent pending). Fast set-up tool indexing systems are a standard feature o­n the Digibend. Four different tool clamping systems can be integrated into the wide machine table as well as into the moving ram: A. Rapid Set-Up bending pin Ø 80 mm. B. 3 aligned clamping pins Ø 50 mm. C. Guide holder placed inside the structure for 415 mm. high bending tool . Ram is equipped with hardened T-slots to hold tooling accurate over a long time. All working parts are hardened and precision ground . Thanks to the many types of tooling available , you can accomplish nearly any bending task in minutes, from heavy plate bending, flat edge bending, punching, shearing to straightening and tube bending. The precision back gauge will index your parts with a repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm. The operator may select between two working speeds and between single stroke, single step and automatic mode. The ram will automatically slow down near the bending point, programmable at operators choice between 0 and 50mm. The ram speed is adjustable between 6 and 24 mm per second o­n the forward stroke. The hydraulic pressure can be controlled between 5 metric ton and 36 metric ton. Easy, intuitive programming of all working parameters in many languages is available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Japanese and many more. The stroke is electronically controlled and displayed o­n a digital read out. The control can store parameters for up to 99 bends which can be combined into up to 50 bending sequences with a maximum of 80 bends each. The control display reads out all bending parameters including forward/return stop and actual ram position. A piece counter lets you keep track of your work progress. The maximum bending capacity for work pieces up to 200 mm wide is 20 mm in mild steel. Thinner gauges up to 6 mm can be bent up to 415 mm in width. Technical Details Digibend 200 Digibend 400 Digibend 800 Hydraulic Pressure (Tons) 20 40 80 Length of Stroke 7.67 9.64 13.58 Oil Tank Capacity 10.5 16 26 Maximum Working Speed (inch / sec) .393” .393” - .944” .393 - .905” Minimum Working Speed (inch/ sec) .078 .250” .275” Return Speed (inch ./ sec) 1.102” 2.36” 1.77 Fixture points No.2 - Ø 1.97” No.1 - Ø 3.15” No.3 - Ø 1.97” No.1 - Ø 3.15” No.6 - Ø 3.15” Max. Oil Pressure (Bar) 250 260 260 Working Height (mm.) 36.43” 36.43” 36.43” Working Table Dimension 18.90” x 41.7” 22.83” x 49.6”